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As an infrastructure that serves as interphase between the ship and other logistic modes, as well as a platform for the different on board supplies, and given GHENOVA´s cross-sectional and innovative guideline, we give a special importance to ports as a source of interest, providing security consultancy, energetic efficiency and new fuels and digitalization.

Services and capacities:

  • Assets management
  • Safety
  • Digitalization
  • Electricity
  • Electronics and Control
  • Accommodation
  • Simulation and behaviour patterns
  • BIM
  • GIS
  • OPS/Cold Ironing
  • Alternative analysis and viability of sourcing systems implementation (Hydrogen, GNL,…)
  • BIM Models and GIS technologies for infrastructure management
  • Port infrastructures software management
  • Operational security analysis
  • Port infrastructure design
  • Renewable energies power plants(PV, thermosolar, wind)
  • Smartgrids
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