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GHENOVA is an international company that delivers multidisciplinary engineering and consulting services in a wide variety of sectors: energy, infrastructure, industry, marine, offshore, aeronautics and systems. We are in constant evolution and operate all over the world, providing reliable work carried out by top professionals.

Ghenova was founded when Carlos Alejo and Francisco Cuervas, currently president and CEO of the company, set up a division of Gibbs & Hill company in Andalusia. In 2006 the company acquired the subsidiary they had created in Seville and since then we have gone through stages in the search for growth. Ghenova employs 500 employees who work at sea, on land and on air offering our clients a personalised service with the most advanced technologies. Our commitment to innovation makes us the most important private engineering company in Spain and the leader in Europe.

Time, results and the trust of our clients have contributed to our success in the most demanding activity sectors. History of Ghenova is written day by day by all of us. And it is full of passion for what we do, trust and great effort.

WORKING with and for the best

GHENOVA is an international company that delivers multidisciplinary engineering and consulting services in a wide variety of sectors: energy, infrastructure, industry, marine, offshore, aeronautics and systems. We have a solid methodology for the management of complex projects, with a clear focus on quality, deadlines, safety and respect for the environment. That is why GHENOVA is today a leading company in the market and has a vast experience in Latin America and in other parts of the world.

It all began in 2006 due to the acquisition by means of a Management Buy Out (MBO) process conducted by Carlos Alejo and Francisco Cuervas, the current President and CEO of the company, of the Andalusian branch of GHESA Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A., where both were executives. The acquisition included the naval, civil and aeronautical branches of activity, which brought together just over a hundred people. Since then, GHENOVA has grown to over 500 professionals by 2019, through a continuous process of geographical and sectorial diversification. At this moment, and after the incorporation of the current Managing Director, Raúl Arévalo, to the shareholders, the company has been immersed in a process of strong expansion.

GHENOVA was born in 2006, thanks to the acquisition through a processby Management Buy Out(MBO) of the delegation in GHESA Andalusia Ingeniería y Tecnología, S.A.

GHENOVA open your first headquarters in LATAM.

GHENOVA has grown until exceeding in 2019 the 500 professionals, thanks to a continuous diversification process geographic and sectoral. His 25th anniversary in the naval sector. GHENOVA opening GEIC in Madrid

GHENOVA opens its offices in Australia and Colombia.

GHENOVA acquires PERAMA, company specialized in software logistical support and advanced maintenance.

we participate in:


Spanish Association of Naval and Ocean Engineers

To strengthen the bonds between its associates, to serve as a professional technical center of consultation, to manage legal provisions for the greater effectiveness of the profession, and to organize national and international congresses and conferences.



Public corporate body that serves Spanish companies and society to join and multiply efforts and promote progress and development.


Association of Businessmen from the South of Spain

A private and independent association born out of a concern to improve business, economic and social conditions in southern Spain.


Spanish Maritime Cluster

Organization that groups all the industries, services and economic activities of Spain related to the sea.


Technological Corporation of Andalusia

Private foundation promoted by the Junta de Andalucía to foster collaboration between the scientific and the productive environments.


Spanish Natural Gas Association for Mobility

It aims to promote the use of natural gas in mobility, both on land and at sea, in all sectors of economic activity in the country.


Andalusian Aerospace Cluster

Hélice arises to spread the knowledge of the Andalusian aerospace activities and the aeronautical culture based on the strengthening of the cluster, its infrastructures and services.


Association of Metallurgical Industries of Galicia

It currently has more than 600 associated companies representing the activities of automotive, metal mechanics and transport; naval, maritime and marine energy; metal constructions and structures; aeronautics; aluminium: extrusion, carpentry and enclosures; elevators and lifts; complementary services: logistics, information and communication systems; etc.


Australia Spain Business Association

The Australia Spain Business Association (ASBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving its members and to promoting business, cultural and social collaboration especially between Spain, Australia and New Zealand.


Clúster Marítimo Naval Cádiz

The Clúster MarítimoNaval de Cádiz is a non-profit business association that since 2015 has been working to defend the interests of the sector, seeking its continuous improvement


Exposición Nacional de la Construcción Naval

The exhibition houses an important collection of elements typical of this discipline from the 18th century to the present day and offers us an informative view of the most relevant historical milestones related to this activity in Spain.


Cluster del Naval Gallego

The only specific business association for the naval sector in Galicia.


Asociación Empresarial Eólica

Association focused on promoting the use of wind energy in our country, in Europe and throughout the world.


Agencia Andaluza de la Energía

The Andalusian Energy Agency is a public business agency created by Law 4/2003, of September 23, currently attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior and to the Ministry of Finance and European Financing of the Junta de Andalucía . Its main objective is to contribute to Andalusia being a reference region in the energy sector, both at the national and community level, promoting a new energy culture among people, companies and administrations, spreading knowledge about saving, efficiency energy and renewable sources, popularizing the efficient use of energy.

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