MASTIL will develop new management and assistance tools

Incrementarán la flexibilidad y competitividad de los procesos de transformación y reparación naval
MASTIL will develop new management and assistance tools

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The MASTIL project proposes the development of tools focused on the operator that allow to work on the implementation of new methodologies of management and integral assistance of the process of transformation and naval repair.

To this end, new technologies and manufacturing methodologies based on the combination of spatial data processing and CAD modeling, together with augmented reality, applied to the naval sector will be studied. This will be carried out through a new concept of mobile tool, based on a tablet PC, which will allow the operator to be assisted and support the supervision of the ship transformation and repair processes.
In this way, these new ICT tools will enable the operator to be guided and to collect/transfer incidents that occur during the entire process of ship transformation through the vertical integration of the tools with the management and design systems (ERP/PDM).

Main milestones achieved

The key technical aspect for the creation of support tools is the location of the operator in the manufacturing environment. MASTIL has developed an interior vessel location system that allows the operator's position to be determined using a combined use of 2D images and 3D CAD designs of the work area, a technique known as Matching-CAD. For information management, a communication and information exchange methodology has been developed between the support tools and a central server, which has a data management system (PDM) that is used as a link between the design and production phase, another of the needs that is intended to cover with this project.

In order to obtain 3D designs of ships for which detailed plans are not available, methodologies and algorithms for processing point clouds have been developed that allow 3D CAD designs of the work areas to be obtained from data acquired by scanning the ship.

Currently, the consortium is focusing its efforts on the integration of technologies to obtain the definitive manufacturing assistance tools, through the development of user interfaces for the representation of direct scenes on the Tablet using augmented reality and also for the transfer of information from the product data management system.

Cross-sectoral collaboration

The project, with a budget of 1.23 million euros and a total duration of 30 months, is part of the ERDF-Innterconnects 2016 Programme.
The companies participating in MASTIL cover the entire value chain of the project, from technology developers, marine engineering, product management and shipyards. Led by GHENOVA, a marine engineering and architecture company, the consortium is completed by EASYWORKS, which will manage product information with its expertise in PDM solutions and 3D CAD design, SCIO IT, which will develop the mobile tools, and METALSHIPS, as the end user of the developed technologies.

This group of companies has the collaboration of AIMEN Technology Centre in the development of industrial solutions based on vision and the University of Vigo to obtain 3D models through the acquisition of point clouds.

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Incrementarán la flexibilidad y competitividad de los procesos de transformación y reparación naval

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